About MyGiftWish

Every year I was being asked the same question by the same people; I should have been expecting it,
but when the time came I could rarely help them out or point them in the right direction.

“What do you want for your birthday?”

And with Christmas only a few short weeks later for me, it was a lovely predicament to be in but
sometimes I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted, making it hard for family and friends to think of
something to get me.

In 2010 it hit me- what if I could make an online list, capturing things I would love to be given and
then send that list out to my nearest and dearest?

Also, what if I could make a list with products from any website on the internet and put it all in to
one list?

I asked a few close friends and family what they thought of the idea and they loved it.
They said it would be so helpful for them and save a lot of time wondering what to get.

And of course I would be getting exactly what I wanted, from the stores I know and love.

The development of the idea from concept to website has been a long process, and it took trial and
error to get where we are now. The original MyGiftWish website didn’t function the way I had
envisioned it, and was not a success. We had to go back to the beginning and start again.

This time we feel we have got it right. The MyGiftWish tool for Google Chrome works a treat,
grabbing the product from any website and putting it into your list.
Some of the retailers provide us with a small amount of commission for items purchased from the
gift lists and a percentage of that commission goes to either one of the listed charities chosen or split
evenly between all of them. The choice is down to the gift list maker.
You can also see in your account just how much we will be donating as a result of you using the site.

Thanks for taking the time to read how we got here and we do hope you enjoy using the site.
Please take a look in the retailers’ section of the site to see which retailers will generate commission
so we can then donate.
If you want to contact us regarding anything, please visit the ‘contact us’ section.

If you are a charity that would like to receive donations from us or a retailer who would like to work
with us, then we would love to hear from you too.